Neuma Machines

Atattood Art uses the new pneumatic tattoo machine! These tattoo machines are designed for the customers saftey with new state of the art components and design. Making the Neuma Hybrid the first tattoo machine ever that is in effect resistant to harmful blood-borne pathogens. This antimicrobial agent is activated when the machinis wet, and works by preventing blood borne pathogens from ever developing on the anti-microbial areas of the Hybrid. The new Hybrids are still fully autoclave-able, when you combine that with the new anti-microbial properties, they could be the cleanest tattoo machines ever!!!! At Atattood Art, all equipment used for tattoo procedures are fully disposable! Starting with the needle and tube, the tube is used to hold the needle during the tattoo. The ink is placed into a small single use cap and disposed of after the tattoo. All tattoo machines are then sterilized to reach the maximum level of safety for each client.


  • lightweight
  • autoclave-able
  • antimicrobial composite body
  • maintenance-free
  • no tuning necessary
  • consistent
  • medical-grade
  • predictable
  • reliable
  • new pneumatic and/or electric-ready
  • new variable stroke length
  • new variable cushioning system
  • new collet
  • new design
  • new air path
  • more torque
  • more control
  • better lining